A healthy work environment gives you better productivity

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A healthy indoor climate is a good investment

The RoomAlyzer measures your indoor climate and gives you the information you need to avoid inefficient meetings and unfocused students. The result shows directly on your bottom line in the form of fewer sick days and lower energy use. At the same time, you get employees who are more efficient and students who focus their attention better. Regardless of whether you are in a company, a school, a hospital, a nursing home, a nursery – or anywhere else.


Attach the sensor and you are good to go

A simple system anyone can use
The RoomAlyzer is easy to use. You put it on the wall, give it a name on the accompanying software, and you are monitoring your indoor climate.

The RoomAlyzer’s red light will flash whenever the level of CO2 gets too high. That way people in the room know that it is time to get some fresh air in. Again, it is simple and something anyone can do.

User-friendly, holistic overview
As an owner or as a manager you can view all of your sensors using the RoomAlyzer’s software. Using the straightforward software allows you to manage your indoor climate and take action where and when you need it.


Good coverage and easy to get started

The RoomAlyzer transmits via NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of things). This means that you will not need wifi or cabling. It operates on batteries and can used for a long time before they need changing. The system itself will let you know when it is time for a change. If you are most comfortable cabling the RoomAlyzer, this can be done too. NB-IoT has deep indoor coverage, i.e. it transmits effortlessly from basements and buildings that are wrapped in concrete and steel. It is easy to work with and get started.

Tailored to suit your needs

The RoomAlyzer can be adapted to any type of company or school

Measure the things that matter to you
The RoomAlyzer is the market’s most advanced indoor monitor. No other sensor measures temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, light level, light colour and VoC at the same time. Last but not least, it lets you know whether or not anyone is present in the room. You have a central overview within in the accompanying software and can act on your indoor climate situation.

We give you precise data

A lot of work has gone into the development of the RoomAlyzer. This means that you can rely on it and its measurements. Our readings are precise and will help you live up to the authorities’ recommendations on e.g. CO2 and humidity within offices and classrooms.
Tailored to suit your needs

What we measure

The RoomAlyzer measures eight values that are central to your indoor climate. It lets you know where your problems lie and helps you decide where to spend your money and get the most value.


The value of a good workplace temperature cannot be overestimated. The recommended level is between 20 and 25 degrees. Your skin reacts immediately to temperatures that are too low or too high. If the room is too cold, your muscles contract, and your finger mobility is reduced. This leaves you inefficient and unfocused. If the room is too hot, you get tired and drowsy.


A correct humidity level is essential to whether or not you can function properly in a room. Low humidity can affect your airways and mucous membranes. High humidity encourages and grows dust mites and mold. The RoomAlyzer keeps a close eye on your humidity level.


Most authorities recommend that CO2 levels inside offices and classrooms do not exceed 1000 ppm (parts per million). They do so because too much CO2 can leave you tired, unfocused and with headaches. Therefore, fresh air is essential. Whenever a group of people breathe in and out in a closed room, CO2-levels go up. Many studies have shown how this affects your indoor climate. The cause of the problem seems to be small bioeffluents which leave our bodies when we breathe out. The RoomAlyzer gives you a precise CO2 reading and is a great tool to let you know when to adjust CO2 within your workspace.

Noise level

Noise can be annoying and stressful and compromise your productivity. A high noise level can interrupt work situations that require concentration. This can happen in any area, but particularly in offices and classrooms. Noise can also affect you mentally. Powerful and ongoing noise can leave you with hearing impairments or tinnitus. The RoomAlyzer monitors the noise level within your workspace and can let you know when certain limits are crossed.

Movement in the room

The RoomAlyzer detects whether or not anyone is in the room. If you know when your rooms are either vacant or in use, you can use this knowledge to cut down on your energy use. How warm do we need to keep rooms when no one is in them? Do we remember to switch off the light when we leave a room? The RoomAlyzer can also show you statistics on how often your rooms are in use and the software can be used for booking meetings too.

Light level

The light inside an office or a classroom matters more than you may think. The wrong light setting can leave you tired and give you headaches because the direction and the softness of the light play an important role when we perceive the shape of an object. An evenly distributed source of light makes objects appear shapeless. A hard and focused light setting gives you sharp shadows and highlight form and structure. The Danish authorities recommend a certain minimum of light. The RoomAlyzer can help you live up to your local recommendations.

Light color

Light in itself has a colour. Light with red undertones is usually perceived as warm, whereas blue undertones read as cold. Incandescent lamps usually have warm colours, whereas fluorescent lamps are available in different tones of light. The RoomAlyzer tells you if the colour you are using is creating the right type of environment for your usage.


VoC is short for ‘volatile organic compound’ and consists of a multitude of things. As opposed to things like temperature and humidity you cannot feel them directly. Some are artificial, like perfume and paint. Some are produced by humans, like gas and other body odours. Some carry a smell, others do not. Some VOCs are harmless whilst others can be harmful to your health. Often, harmful VoCs will not seem harmful right here and now but could cause you problems down the line. The RoomAlyzer lets you monitor if the VoC level within your classroom or office meets standard recommendations.


The RoomAlyzer can communicate with your other systems

The RoomAlyzer has an open API (push as well as pull). This means that you can transfer data to other systems on a running basis and use the RoomAlyser for automation purposes. You can control – in real time – ventilation, heating, light, fresh air, water walls, blinds and so on.


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